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There is no control on social media. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow anyone and everyone to share opinions which makes for interesting conversation, but it can be very dangerous. Social media must be continuously monitored to maintain a positive content.

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Rafael de Santiago
FCI President
Interview of Mr Georgiy Onishchenko in the framework of the 1st International Congress for Show Judges - Kyiv, August 23rd, 2017

Dear Mr Onishchenko, this is the first edition of the International Congress for Show Judges ever organised under the aegis of the FCI. How does it feel, as the President of the Ukrainian canine organisation, to welcome such an event in the context of an already busy time getting ready to host a European Dog Show?

First of all it is a really great honour and an enormous achievement for Ukraine and the Ukrainian Kennel Union in particular. Of course hosting the first ever congress for the show judges is a great responsibility for us as well – we had to do everything possible to create a successful event, that would become the start of the new wave in development of the world cynology and FCI as the biggest canine organisation. Welcoming such a great number of honourable judges in one room, sharing their thoughts and opinions – it is a real dream come true for our judges and surely we are very proud of that no matter how busy the time is.

Being a judge yourself, does the title of the congress « it’s all about balance » have a special resonance in your perception of the judging “profession”?

Of course, as for any show judge the balance, the harmony of the dog is that primary clue that catches the eye when judging dogs. Of course it is a more or less subjective matter while searching for balance equals the subjective and objective sides and helps to promote the breeding of pure-bred dogs fit for their natural function.

What about the facts and figures related to the congress ?

188 participant judges from 45 countries and to my mind that’s an impressive number – it shows how the idea of the congress itself is up-to-date and that the FCI judges need to meet and discuss the urgent issues first of all for the sake of dog world!

Of course it was a correct decision to have the first event like that within the big dog show, but the topic raised there were, in my opinion, too wide and contradicting for only one day of discussion.

Mr Onishchenko, if you had to define the “ideal show judge” in only three words / or in terms of his/her top-three qualities, what would these words/qualities be?

Knowledge of the breed, clear mind and passion for dogs, I think without that it is impossible to come to the ring, no matter what breed or show it is. The exhibitors have to feel that the judge knows what he/she wants to see in the dogs, is objective and free in his/her decisions and of course cares about and truly loves dogs.

This is the first European Dog Show ever hosted by Ukraine and the city of Kyiv: can you tell us about your feelings right now, a few hours ahead of the official launch?

Anxious! Really excited! As a kid in the toy-store… 

We’ve been waiting for this moment for so long and finally it’s here! Really hope it to be successful as we devoted all our efforts and time for that and hope everybody likes the show.

We still have some worries how this or that goes, but we are pretty sure that with the support of our great friends we will manage any obstacle and show Europe and the whole world that Ukraine is fantastic and that our people are really talented and gifted in everything!

Welcome to Ukraine! Welcome to Kyiv! And let the show start!

Thank you very much for this interview for the FCI newsletter.
We wish you a very successful European Dog Show!

Interview: Marie Luna Durán, FCI Marketing and Public Relations Manager